4th dimension

“Pain free movement is life.”

In the endeavor of providing pain free movement to all our hip patients, we have added a 4th dimension to hip replacement surgery.

Unlike knee replacement, during hip replacement surgery we need to work in depth, of ball & socket joint.

Correct placement of artificial socket requires 360 degree visions.

The 360 degree vision of the socket is usually difficult while operating from one side.

We have a team of highly qualified joint replacement surgeons during surgery standing on either side of patient so, 360 degree visualization of socket becomes possible.

This 4th dimension of high qualified team of 2 surgeons work for the 100% outcome of surgery.

We plan life of patient not hip replacement

The international data suggests that now more & more arthritis of hip is seen in a very younger age group of patients. In our practice about 50% of patients are below 50 years of age. & to our surprise patients below age of 35 years constitute 25% of the total work load.

Average life of an artificial hip implant is about 20 years. Also average activity level and demand from artificial hip is very high in patients of younger age group. So, the life of artificial implant is relatively less in younger patients.

So, it becomes compulsory to go for implant selection in such a way that

  • 1. It sustains the demand of young individual for 20 and more years.
  • 2. If reoperation is required then it should be relatively easily.
  • 3. Patients natural bone has to be maximally preserved.

This is how we can plan 40 to 50 years of life yet to be lived happily by a young hip sufferer.

Guidelines for life with artificial hip

Viroc has a team of 5 qualified counsellors and a detailed counselling module which provides the following guidance.

  • 1. Disease process and remedies at each stage of hip disease
  • 2. Self care of hip pain
  • 3. Do’s & Don’ts of personal, social and professional life.
  • 4. Basket of implant selection taking into consideration age, disease, bone quality and occupation of patient.
  • 5. Life with artificial hip.

Painful hip to artificial painless hip

Don’t stop here! We give life time support by our Holistic approach so then artificial painless hip becomes a happy hip replacement and further to a productive hip replacement for the family and society.