Two well-known, Joint Replacement and Orthopedic Surgeons Dr. Rajiv Paradkar and Dr. Vrajesh Shah with support of four skilled and experienced Anesthesiologist Dr. Archana Paradkar, Dr. Murli Motwani, Dr. Minesh Barochia and Dr. Anant Rane started Journey for their common mission.

“Broad Smile on Every Patient’s Face”

VIROC Hospital got the credit of bringing novel concept of High Flexion Total knee arthroplasty with Minimal bone cuts to Vadodara with live surgical demonstration by French surgeon Prof. Dr. Guy Belliar.


VIROC Hospital again grabs the credit of One & only “Mega Health Fare” with special focus on Orthopaedic problems.

Unique features of ‘Mega Health Fare”

  • 1. 25 and more preventive health stalls benefited 25000 & above people. Health Care awareness stalls with presentation for preventive health care with subject Obesity, Arthritis, Backache, Diabetes, Osteoporosis to name few. (Video Link)
  • 2.Novel first of its kind sports event of operated Knee & Hip replaced patients of VIROC Hospital. Sports competition for Joint Replaced patients to remove fear of Joint Replacement surgery from public, 110 joint replaced patients of VIROC Hospital taken part in sports like Cycling, Brisk Walking. This event benefited 2000 citizens who were mesmerized by performance of joint replaced patients. (Video Link)
  • 3.Play “Chanakaya” by Manoj Joshi to promote national spirit –First time in open ground and enjoyed more than 20000 citizen of Baroda.


1st Time in Vadodara “Total keen Replacement”

Dr. Rajiv Paradkar and Dr. Vrajesh Shah mastered the technique of “Totla keen Replacement” after visitation to world renowned Joint Replacement centers in Germany, USA, Korea, and Italy to name few. Citizens of Vadodara and periphery were benefited by this technique. This Technique has big learning curve therefor mastered by very few, only 10% surgeons internationally. The technique has advantage of preservation of Bone & Posterior Cruciate Ligament.


“Orthopilot - 20” – Navigated total Knee Replacement without any additional cost to patient. The combination of technique and technology for best results to patients was introduced by VIROC Hospital first time.


Gold standard Operation Theaters for Infection free Joint and Super-specialty surgeries

  • Both Operation Theaters were renovated for super-specialty surgeries
  • 1st Time in Gujarat - Stain less Steel Operation Theaters for Infection free Surgery
  • Leminar and Hepa Filter system for clean air handling system with humidity control.
  • Epoxy flooring
  • Fully automated control panel for smoothing OT processes.
  • Horizontal Double Door CSSD system, Clean and unclean zone segregation.


“VDBF-2nd Inning Dusara Bachpan” - The one & only club for Knee/Hip Joint Replaced Patients of VIROC Hospital

Launch of VDBF- Viroc Dusara Bachpan Foundation-The Club of Knee and Hip Replaced patients of VIROC Hospital. The club is working to spread “hope of life” in old age people. Club is doing social activities like to support “Swaccha Bharat Mission, Education to needy and poor by Sanskar Kendra, free orthopedic camp. Club arranges event of Get together and Picnic of its member every year. (Video/Photo link)

Message spread by this Knee/Hip replaced senior citizens that “we are now pain free having a pace, power & performance in our knee replaced joints & now we are back for fulfilling our social commitments.


VIROC became first Orthopaedic Superspeciality Hospital to launch of NKR Technique of Knee Replacement – proud to be only center in Gujarat

The technique is combination of various techniques of knee replacement available worldwide. Our surgeons had learned good techniques from other centers in world and compiled all goodness together, named NKR-Natural Knee Replacement. The Bone, Ligament & Muscle’s saving technique of knee replacement. We believe Nature is God, so try utmost preservation of natural body parts in surgery.


NABH Accreditation (Landmark of Quality & Safety)

VIROC Hospital got accredited by highest standard of quality and safety available in India. That is VIROC Hospital accredited by NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals). NABH is member of “International society of quality in healthcare” (ISQua).


VIROC ReSurge-Lets Learn Together

VIROC – ReSurge is our humble approach to create a platform, which enables orthopedic surgeons to learn together through, live surgery demonstration of Complex Primary / Revision arthroplasty cases and discussion on a regular interval.

Many Patients are going outside Gujarat for complicated or revision surgeries, because of non-availability of surgical skills. The ReSurge will become economic and skillful platform for patients, searching options for complicated and revision surgeries.