Myth 1: Bed rest is the best cure for back pain.

Reality: Bed rest can make your back pain worse! Inactivity can cause your back to become weak and stiff. The helpless feeling of lying in bed all day can have emotional effects as well, causing depression or fear of movement, which could make a pain episode last longer. To reduce back pain, spine experts recommend few days of bed rest to calm the pain and avoid further damage, followed by moderate, gentle exercise.

Myth 2: Exercise causes back pain.

Reality: Strenuous “weekend warrior” exercise can cause back pain, but regular, moderate exercise can help you to avoid pain. To stay healthy, your spine needs a regular regimen of stretching, strengthening and aerobic conditioning exercises, such as swimming, yoga, Exersice with light weights and walking. Without exercise, muscles can become weak and deconditioned, leading to back pain and injury. Work with a spine specialist to find the right blend of exercise to help you stay healthy, strong and pain-free.

Myth 3: Surgery will cure back pain completely.

Reality: Rightly indicated surgery can relive pain but even after surgery one need to take care in daily routine activities, regular physiotherapy and proper ergonomic training to get total benefit of surgery.

Myth 4: Back pain is a normal part of aging.

Reality: back pain does not have to be a part of the aging process. With daily exercise, yoga ergonomics care. Proper diet, supplements of calcium, vit D3. You can definitely be free from back pain at any age.

Myth 5: If I take pain medicine, I will become addicted.

Reality: Most first-line medications recommended for back pain, such as NSAIDs, are not addictive. With a proper diagnosis, now a days so many newer and safer drugs are available which can be used for a longer period without fear of addiction.