1) Preparations to be done at home.

a. Procedures to be followed.

b. Preparation to be done & to be kept in mind.

2) Preparations to be done at the time of admission.

3) Hospital stay days:

a. Admission day (Pre-operative day )

b. Surgery day (Post-operative day 0 )

i. At ward

ii. At operation theater

c. Post-operative day 1

d. Discharge day (Postoperative day 2)

4) Rapid Recovery Rehabilitation protocol.

• Preparations to be done at home:

a. Procedures to be followed


It is a machine for breathing

Purpose :

This machine is used to maintain the oxygen level in lungs pre operatively & post operatively


  • Join the part 1 & part 2 of machine.
  • Keep the part 2 in mouth do maximum possible inhalation.
  • That inhalation will take the ball up in machine (it may not be able to take the ball up in one single trial)
Note : Please bring this spirometer even at the time of admission in hospital


It is a solution for infection control.

Purpose :

Bath using this solution will help to eradicate the infectious agents form the skin.


  • Take a one bucket of water and add 10 ml of solution to it.
  • Start taking bath in such mentioned way twice a day .
  • Start 4 to 5 days before admission


It is a solution for infection control.

Purpose :

  • It will help to eradicate the infectious agents present in the mouth,gums,teeth
  • Take a one glass of water and add 5 ml of solution to it.
  • Start doing gargles of this solutions twice a day
  • Start 4 to 5 days before admission


• After pre-operative fitness if medications are needs to be changed / to be given it will be informed to patients. Patients will have to follow the medication with appropriate dose.

• Blood thinners (e.g. warfarin / clopidogril) to be stopped before 5 days of operation.

• Under guidance of physician blood thinner medicine will be started.

b. Preparation to be done & to be kept in mind.

• It is requested you to bring loose clothes as that will be needed after operation.

For mens:

• Clean the web space of the fingers, Nails and back of knee thoroughly.

• Remove nail polish if have been applied

• Don’t remove hairs from the leg.

• Bring one passport size photo of patient

Purpose : It will be used to make implant card

This card will be needed at mall, airport etc places during security check

• Bring the Pre op kit  Incentive Spirometer  Betadine gargles  Betadine solutions  Bolster for exercises  ICE bag • Bring Daily medicines (B.P., Diabetes , Asthma) • After pre-operative fitness if there is any susceptive skin disease like (psoriasis, boils) Fever or any infectious agents coming out from any body part contact immediately to hospital o Dr. Lubna Misarwala : 09227473124 o Dr. Sohel Sheth : 09227473120

1. Admission day (Pre operative day )

2. Surgery day (Post operative day 0 )

i. At ward

ii. At operation thetare

b. Post operative day 1

c. Discharge day (Postoperative day 2)

i) Admission day (Pre operative day)

• When you comes to hospital for admission please bring package paper & planned surgery management card & give it to the reception

• Medical officer will complete the documentation work . He / she will get the sign on care plan & counselling form + Admission consent form from patient & patient’s relative.

• You will be admitted to the ward in a room you have been allotted according to your package

• After admission to ward ID belt will be tied to wrist of patients. If any h/o Known allergy red belt will be too tied to wrist of patients (Both belt will be kept tied till discharge)

• Vitals signs (Pulse , BP , temperature , Respiratory Rate ),height 7 weight will be taken by nursing staff

• Medical treatment will be started by doctors . For e.g. insulin dose for diabetic patient

• Vitals will be taken by nursing & doctor staff at regular frequency

• As informed earlier in pre operative assessment , decided blood donor will have be sent to blood bank with the blood sample of patient & blood bank format. There after donating blood , blood donor will get blood donor card + receipt. This receipt will have to be kept at the patient’s room in hospital only.

• If there is a requirement of blood under instruction of anaesthetist , patient & relative will be informed 90 minutes before at least. Than only you have to go for that

• According to package financial formalities like deposit , security check etc to be completed

• Ward staff will get the signature done on the consent forms (Anaesthesia consent form , Consent for joint replacement )

• Night before day of surgery , staff will inform the timing from when we he/ she has to be kept neel by mouth

• Required medicine will be given

ii) Operation Day :

• At day of surgery you will have to wake up early

• You will get warm water for bath

• You will get OT dress to wear

• Your vitals sign will be taken.

• An antiseptic solution will be applied to the to be operated knee and then it will be covered with the clean towel

At the day of pre-operative assessment you will have to come at 7:30 am

Bring the page of package.

When you come to hospital for pre op assessment give your “planned surgery management card “ on reception.

It will take approximate 5 hours for total completion of pre op assessment procedure.

if you have medical conditions like diabetes & thyroid you have to come empty stomach , otherwise you can have some breakfast before coming.

You have to bring the medicines which you are taking regularly.

Come with every old medical & surgical reports (If applicable)

f you gets any reaction with some particular medicines & if doctor has given some clinical note related to that , than bring that too.

If you have cashless/ Mediclaim facility :

If you want to go for cashless / mediclaim (Insurance facility ) for your surgery , bring all the required documents ( e.g. zerox copy of insurance policy for last 4 years , Photo ID proof , TPA Card / Cashless card , Aadhar Card etc.)

For getting that cashless / mediclaim (Insurance facility) you will have to submit all the required documents to the cashless desk.

All the information regrading cashless/ mediclaim will be provided by cashless officer at cashless desk.

For getting more information regarding cashless/ mediclaim facility Call to Akruti shah on mentioned contact number (Contact No : 9724929119)

If you want to go for cash payment , information will be provided by Dr. Jinal Shah (Dr. Jinal Shah : 9227473111)

Further procedure:

Hospital’s Reception staff will guide you further for next procedure

Your chest X-ray will be taken. If needed knee / hip x-ray will also be taken.

Than you will be taken to ward in pre op assessment room , Where blood investigations, Urine investigation , ECG will be taken.

Than you will be assessed by physician & anesthetist thoroughly for operation fitness.

Under guidance of physician Echo cardiography / DSE (Dobutamine Stress Echo ) will be advised if needed.

If you are advised to go for DSE (Dobutamine Stress Echo ) than these report will be done in cardiac hospital (center). Which will be charged (Approximately 3500 to 4000 rupee) & it will not be included in hospital package.

After health checkup you will be given tentative date of surgery.

If your health check up report will be normal ; final date of admission & surgery will be informed to you by Medical officer / In charge before 12 noon of immediate next day of health check up.

If your health checkup reports are abnormal (e.g. urinary tract infection , changes in ECG) than you will be treated according to deficiencies found in medical reports, All the reports with deficiencies will be reevaluated & than final date of admission & surgery will be informed.

Information related to blood

You will be informed about your blood group & hemoglobin level at the day of pre op assessment day / next day.

If your hemoglobin level is < 10 points than 2 PCV blood , If hemoglobin level >10 than 1 PCV blood

Blood transfusion can be needed pre operatively , Intra operatively , post operatively. Need will be informed by hospital doctors

Blood Bank Name :

Indu blood bank

Jalaram blood bank

Suraktam blood bank

Narhari blood bank

S.S.G. Blood bank.

Before admission to hospital your allotted physiotherapist will take two sessions. In which they will you idea about rapid recovery rehabilitation protocol which will help you to get speedy recovery. + they will show some exercises to repeat at defined frequency interval.

After completion of pre operative assessment you will be given “planned surgery management card“ back which you will have to bring again at the time of admission.

For any queries contact on :

Dr. Jinal Shah : + 91 - 9227473111

Dr. DIgesh Shah : + 91 - 9227473107

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