Oh ……… No not again one more School

School School School……………………….Are you tired of school, your children and grand children attending school regularly???

has any one taught you or your children/ grand children how to sit, stand, weight lifting, sleep, getting from bed, walk and ways to do other daily routine activities?

What is Back school??????

Back school is 3 hours educational program in that learn about how to prevent and control back pain with only change in life style, some exercises, medication and proper calcium, vit d3 rich diet.

Majority of the person above 30 years of age experience back pain sooner or later.


Today, 80 to 90 % of patients are having Lower back pain due to wrong posture, occupation, wrong life style & lack of exercises.

VIROC back school is a consisting of educational, learning, analysis & ergonomic training for back & spine problems in clusters by the team of orthopedic surgeon and physiotherapists.

  1. Are you tiered with multiple consultations and so many advises about back pain from various sources?

      • Do you need support for walking, standing, turning & performing     routine activities???????????

  1. Do you want to understand your back pain?
  2. Do you want solution of your back pain without surgery?
  3. Do you want to do your daily living activity without any help?

• Be a Part of “VIROC Back School”-First time in Vadodara, get complete spine solution.

Get Total Education, guidance, Analysis, assessment, conclusion & treatment for your spine problem.


  1. Back Problems


  1. Osteoporosis
  2. Sciatica

Goals of patients who attend a back school:

  1. Functional recovery: protect the spinal structures in daily activities and in the occupational setting
  2. Reduce symptoms (pain)
  3.  Improve  muscle balance
  4.  Decrease kinesiophobia (fear of movement)
  5. Make back and others bones healthy and strong
  6. To get correct posture
  7. Improve overall health and well being

Our solution

→ Individual physical Assessment

→ Councelling
→ Postural correction training

→ Ergonomic training program

→ Spine medical intervention

→ Physiotherapy

→ Muscle strengthening program

→ prevention of osteoporosis

Each attendant will get individual protocol regarding one’s own assessment done by orthopedic surgeon and physiotherapist. 

  1. Why you wait?? For what you wait???
  2. Spend  Only 3 hours With VIROC Back School
  3. & Resolve your entire back problem by Comprehensive care at viroc with exceptional results and feel the difference.

For more details and registration for back school please
Contact VIROC Hospital 0265-2461455, 2484188