1. Who is a candidate for Robotic NKR?

Osteoarthritis still doesn’t have a cure; all we can do is the long-time relief from symptoms and lifestyle accommodations.  

On the first meeting, surgeon will not directly jump on the surgery suggestion. He will go with all the possible conservative options like;

If above treatments are failed then one should go for knee replacement which will ultimately give active and better lifestyle without pain. 

Traditional methods of knee replacement were lacking in long lasting results. Thus the question was for the arthritic patients below age 60 years. Robotic technology has more precision level; this will help young arthritic patients. 

  1. The surgery is not performed by ROBOT

This is the biggest misconception about robotic knee replacement. Robotic arm will assist the surgeon for greater precision. 

The surgeon will feed all the data and robot will show the final outcome even before surgery. The control will be in your surgeon’s hand totally.

  1. Robot assisted technique can potentially reduce the recovery time

This is one of the extraordinary benefits of robotic knee replacement surgery. 

In traditional methods of knee replacement, an average patient won’t be able to resume the routine activities like household work, driving before 4-6 weeks. But greater precision and less bone and soft tissue disturbance eventually reduces the recovery time and speed ups natural healing process. 

  1. More natural feeling knee after surgery 

With this high-end robotic technology, surgeon can customize knee replacement surgery according to patient’s unique anatomy. And the high precision level of robot assisted arm will reduce the risk of soft tissue injury.

A problem of joint awareness after traditional knee replacement has higher numbers compared to robotic knee replacement surgery. 

  1. Experience matters

The art of robotic instruments have the potential to improve outcomes for patients, but that’s not a replacement for good old fashioned experience.

Find orthopaedic surgeon who has completed a high volume of surgeries with good outcomes. 

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