There are so many positions and movements which causes adverse effect on your joints. These movements, we perform in our routine on and off. There are some ways in which we put more stress on our joints and they will definitely speak it loud in future if not attained properly.

  1. Texting Too Much
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This is very common and in current trend. This would cause pan in thumb, wrist and fingers. Making them stiff and weakens the strength too. ‘Text Thumb’ is now a reality!

  1. Sleeping on stomach
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This habit might be good to avoid snoring! But it gives unnecessary pressure on the neck which would be in the same position for longer time. Apart from this a backward pressure on the head will lead to compression of the spine.

  1. Cracking your knuckles 
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This is so satisfying! But wait, do you know its effects? His popping sound from the joint would be of a bursting fluid bubbles in your joint or from the ligaments snapping against the bone. It is not obvious to get arthritis due to such habit, but it might cause weakening of your grip.

  1. High Heels 
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This looks perfect on any fashionista! But no one can deny its adverse effects on joints.  The Higher the heel more the risk on knee and foot. High heel will shift the load on forefoot. That leads to inflammation and pain in fore foot. It also makes your calves tight causing abnormal twisting forces on the knees. Daily use of such footwear would invite the early arthritic changes.

  1. Oh god this Fat!
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Our joints are sensitive to the loads. Extra weight puts so much of stress on our joints. For instance, one kilogram of extra weight will put 4 times more loads on your knee. Weighing more would also hurt your back, feet and hip.

  1. Too much weight in bag 
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This will stress out your neck, shoulder and side bag or purse carrying would overstretch the muscles and makes joint feel tired. 

  1. Smoke and tobacco
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Smoking gives nicotine. Nicotine would reduce the blood flow to the bone. Reduced blood flow would weaken the bone and hinders the chances of new bone formation. Smoking and tobacco would also affect adversely to the discs of the lower spine. This would cause back problems as well.

  1. Poor sleep
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Sleeping less at night would show its effect in the next morning. Poor sleep at night would trigger the inflammation of the joint and which leads to aches.