1. Exercise and activities

Stay active and happy during the full day. Yoga, aerobics are good sort of exercises for being active, healthy. This will provide you better strength and flexibility. These will also provide positivity in your mind. Low impact activities like walking on grass with bare feet or gardening would also help you to get relaxed.

  1. See your chair at work

The chair on which you sit for longer times should be suitable for you (If applicable). Try and talk with the employer to provide ergo chair to you. This will help you to lessen the unnecessary load on your joints.  

  1. Have a good night!

Make sure that you are going to be on the same time every time. Apart from this, make sure to take full and good sleep at night. Good night rest will help your body to fight against pain more efficiently. Don’t read or watch TV in bed. Have a quiet, comfy bedroom that makes you want to sleep. If your pain keeps you awake, talk with your doctor about medications that can help.

  1. Never forget medicines

All prescribed medicines must be taken by the person on time. This will help to get relieved from pain and also help you to get good sleep. If you are getting any allergy with the medication, please consult your doctor. 

  1. Distract mind from pain

Find any activity which makes you happy. For instance, show off you creativity with the arts and craft. Spend quality time with your dear ones. Play with children or grandchildren. Kids are real stress busters. All those activities would distract your mind from pain and are also helping your emotion health. 

  1. Prepare yourself for sudden onsets

Sometimes your pain would get worse. Then plan what you will do that time. Modify the activity or medicine with advice of your doctor and physical therapists. Make sure what increases your pain and avoid that thing. 

  1. Quit smoking

Nicotine will increase the amount of pain in your body. Smoking can also make you much more sensitive to pain in general because it can affect how your body heals. If you need help quitting, your doctor can help.

  1. Eat healthy food

What you eat affects how you feel. So a balanced diet can help your body be at its best to fight your pain. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Try to avoid processed foods and things high in sugar, salt, and fat. Drink plenty of water. Your doctor or a nutritionist can help you come up with a menu of healthy meals.