Are arthritis pain medications harmful?

Many people think that over-the-counter pain relievers must be harmless because they are available without a prescription. But repeated use of these drugs can damage your stomach, kidneys or liver. Over-the-counter drugs such as ibuprofen and naproxen sodium can cause stomach bleeding and kidney damage and may increase your risk of heart attack and stroke, […]

6 things to know about your new knee

Congrats on your new knee! You may be thrilled to walk again without pain or no longer face staircases with dread. But don’t expect superhuman powers just yet. Here are seven things to know about your newest body part. You can do (almost) everything as before. You can usually expect huge improvements in pain and […]

Crossed leg sitting after Knee Replacement

Here in India, ‘Palthi Position’ (crossed leg Sitting) is now somewhat important for many people. Indian cultured people generally sit with crossed leg for many activities like; while doing god’s worship, having lunch or dinner. So they want full knee bending after surgery too. Here in this blog we will discuss some facts and also […]

How will you Delay Knee Surgery?

Knee replacement has become the choice of treatment for old aged people with knee problems during last few decades. Sometimes it is likely to happen that patient would choose knee replacement surgery though it’s not required. In that case, thorough counseling and education of patient regarding the surgery becomes necessary. It is not surprising that […]

Knee replacement: Surgeon should not sell!

Knee replacement surgery is now a fashion. More and more incidences of knee pain are increasing. But does really everyone suffering from knee pain require an operation? Decision for operation isn’t easy as to decide what to wear in the party. Most probably your orthopedic surgeon would suggest you to go for the operation if […]