Knee Brace: A friend or an enemy?

It is believed that knee braces are good to wear while in pain. This is only half truth. Knee braces are worn by many people for whole day and night and sometimes they become habituate with the same. But it is not a healthy way to cure your pain. Yes that’s true, because it is […]

7 Essential Orthopaedic Vitamins and Minerals you need for healthy aging

Calcium Loss of calcium increases with the age and on the other hand its absorption reduces as you grow. Loss of calcium is more common in women than men, especially after menopause in females reduction in calcium level inclines.  Your body cannot make calcium. Body gets calcium only from the food eat or from the […]

Overweight! An Addition to risk of knee osteoarthritis

Knee is the major weight bearing joint of the body. The knees are the shock absorbers of the body. Their role is to absorb the force when we step, jump, run, play, or do any movement with our legs. Hence, it is no rocket science to understand that if you are overweight, your knees would […]

Why my knee is getting stiff?

You know what? We Indians are more tend to get knee damage than other races as we are used to bend from knees for longer time (e.g., Cross leg sitting position, Position in Indian toilet etc.). Knee problem mainly includes pain, swelling and stiffness. These are associated with each other. We will discuss here why […]

All Knee Pain Are not Arthritis

Do you really think that if your knee is paining then it must be knee arthritis? There are many misbelieve regarding knee pain and arthritis. Let’s understand it with some real life example. There are two patients, are of same family, coming to orthopaedic surgeon with knee pain. One is 35 years old male with […]