Confusion: what to choose for pain Hot or Cold?

Whenever it is about pain, everyone would have their own suggestions. Whether to use hot packs or to use cold pack or to apply turmeric powder on that and so on. There is so much confusion about this. These both are the easiest, cheapest, and safest self-treatment options for management of many common pain problems. […]

Nerve pain! What is that?

When your hands get to close to stove, what would be the reaction? Oops! You will suddenly take off your hand. This is nothing but the nerve reaction. As soon as your hand goes close to stove, the nerve endings are activated and they send a pain signal to the brain. And you pull back […]

Take Care, It’s Summer

Summer means sweat, sunburn, tan, pimple, dryness, heatstroke and much more. You need extra care to your body in terms of skin care, hydration and diet. In countries like India, where the temperature goes up to 44 degree Celsius, looking after your health to stay fit is necessary. Some advices to keep you healthy during […]