8 ways to avoid pain throughout the day!

Exercise and activities Stay active and happy during the full day. Yoga, aerobics are good sort of exercises for being active, healthy. This will provide you better strength and flexibility. These will also provide positivity in your mind. Low impact activities like walking on grass with bare feet or gardening would also help you to […]

Why walking is the best exercise?

Walking 5 miles per week at a slow pace of 2 miles per hour can be enough to lower your risk of things like heart attacks, strokes, and heart failure by 31%. People who walked farther and faster got even more benefit, in case you needed some extra motivation. Just a little can do wonders […]

Relation between atmosphere and joint pain & its solutions

It is always believed that when it’s very cold out there many people feel increased intensity of joint pain. My granny was used to tell me that the winter is going to come! Just because her knees was paining. Seems funny but this was nothing but the climate change pain in her arthritic joint. It […]

8 Ways of Hurting Your Joints

There are so many positions and movements which causes adverse effect on your joints. These movements, we perform in our routine on and off. There are some ways in which we put more stress on our joints and they will definitely speak it loud in future if not attained properly. Texting Too Much This is […]

Sitting and its Odds

Sitting for prolonged period is the reason for many physical problems as well as psychological problem. Following are the problem you might face if you are sitting for longer time. Take care of your heart Yes! You are at risk of heart disease if you are sitting long at a time. Decrease in heart functioning […]

Knee pain Do’s and Don’ts

Knee is the most vulnerable joint to start paining. There are so many reasons why your knee is hurting you! It’s better to ask your orthopaedic doctor about it. Here we would like to inform you about the activities which are good or bad if your knee is not well.  Don’t rest your knee too […]

Young age Knee pain, hip pain! Shocking but true!

Now a days young people are complaining of knee pain and problems related to it. All knee pains must be consider as priority as it can lead our society to major health issues in near future. But how? Let’s talk about the problems aroused and their possible reasons and solutions. First reason is “Fast Food […]