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Complex fracture management by our surgeons makes Viroc hospital outrageous than other orthopedic hospitals available in Vadodara.

To be first preferred choice locally in case of trauma is a quality core value of Viroc Hospital. Complex fractures are the results of severe trauma or any other causes like heavy road traffic accidents (RTAs). We have 24 hours emergency department available which is handled by qualified Doctors.

Complex fractures are very tough to tackle with. Because it may have involve other human body systems too. Expertise doctors are required to handle such emergencies. Complex fracture involves; comminuted fractures, non-healing fractures, mal united fractures, infective fractures, peri-prosthetic fractures etc. Such fractures will require utmost post-operative care in terms of wound care, rehabilitation, prophylaxis.

Why to choose Viroc for complex Fractures?

  1. We have surgeons available who have extraordinary experience in traumatic conditions and its management.
  2. Infection free operation theaters (OT).
  3. Best post-operative care.
  4. We have dynamic rehabilitation team to help the patient to get back to routine as soon as possible.
  5. Homely atmosphere during hospital stay.

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Dr. Darshan Suthar
Dr. Darshan Suthar Orthopedic & Arthroscopic Surgeon

Dr. Darshan Suthar

Orthopedic & Arthroscopic Surgeon
Dr. Shwet Shah
Dr. Shwet Shah Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Shwet Shah

Orthopedic Surgeon

Why is my leg/ankle discolored?

Every injury causes bleeding. As your body breaks down the blood at the site of the injury, it turns various colors. Essentially, it’s a bruise that may take months to fully resolve. Gravity may cause these color changes to track down the arm and the leg all the way to the toes or fingertips, even if the injury was at the shoulder or the hip.

What can I do to make this heal faster?

Injuries heal at a certain rate. Your surgeon should be able to give you a general timeline for healing from your injury. Don’t expect a faster return to certain activities because you think you’re a fast healer. There are no miracle medications or herbs to promote healing. There are several things that definitely greatly slow healing, one of which is smoking. The best thing you can do is follow your surgeon’s instructions.

What if I walked too soon?

Never do anything before permission is given from your treating doctors. Don’t let the lack of pain encourage you to do something you were advised not to do. If you think you may have done something too soon, the best place to get evaluated is in your treating surgeon’s office. Your surgeon knows your injury. Some injuries take long periods of time to heal before they can be stressed with activities like walking. Try to follow the instructions of your surgeon.

When should I start physical therapy?

Typically, your incisions and wounds need to heal before activity is started. Injuries, splints, and casts can all cause stiffness. Sometimes therapy is needed to show you how to use crutches or other devices and to restore motion before your bones are fully healed. Therapy is sometimes used to help teach you how to move around and/or do everyday activities. Discuss this with your doctor. Always consult your doctors before engaging in any work or exercise activities.

How long before I can drive?

The question of when is it “safe” to operate a car is a complicated issue and varies with the patient. Below is some general information that can serve as a very rough guideline. Please remember that it is always best to discuss this issue with your doctor.

Reaction time, decision making, the ability to move the steering wheel and push the peddles are a few of the factors that determine the ability to safely drive. You must not be taking any narcotics (opioids) or other medications that may alter your reaction time. Some medications cause sleepiness and impaired decision making, and cannot be combined with driving. You must be able to bear weight on your leg to use a foot pedal. Casts, splints, or braces can prevent safe driving by limiting movement. In most states it is illegal to drive if you have a cast on your foot or ankle. Pain with moving the arm or leg may also limit your ability to respond. If you cannot respond quickly enough due any of these factors, it is not safe to drive. It may take months to recover adequately. Some studies show that even if you feel normal, your reaction time might be affected enough to prevent you from driving safely. If you get into an accident and your injury is believed to have limited your movement, reaction time, or decision making, the authorities may say you couldn’t respond to the road appropriately and it’s your fault.


How long does it take a broken bone to heal?

Healing time depends on many factors, such as the blood supply to the bone, the amount of muscle and tissue near the bone, how badly it was broken, a patient’s age, and general health. Sometimes things you might not think matter will affect the bone healing, like smoking or diabetes. Most fractures require 8 to 12 weeks to heal to the point where they can be walked on. Some areas of bone heal more slowly. This is usually due to poor blood supply to these areas. Slower healing areas include: some bones in your wrist and foot, and the tibia (shin bone).

How long do ligaments take to heal?

A ligament attaches a bone to another bone. Ligaments can take several months to heal; they heal more slowly than broken bones. This is due to the relatively poor blood supply to the ligament. Every ligament is different, and some may never heal completely.

Is my wound infected?

The best place to get your wound evaluated is in your orthopaedic surgeon’s office. If they are not available, you can go to your local emergency room or primary care doctor for evaluation. They may be able to contact your doctor or another surgeon who can assist you. Always notify your treating surgeons of wound or surgical site concerns. Antibiotics may help fight the infection. Sometimes, after the antibiotics are stopped, the infection comes back. Whenever you can, keep track of the names of antibiotics you’ve taken, for how long, and if possible, your culture results.

Is my fracture healing?

The best place to get evaluated is in your orthopaedic surgeon’s office. If this process does not provide sufficient guidance, you can go to your local emergency room for evaluation. The emergency room may be able to contact your doctor or another surgeon who can assist you. Some fractures heal more slowly than others. It does not mean that your care was wrong or inappropriate. Sometimes it is hard to assess healing with x-rays, so the surgeon will need to conduct a clinical examination as well. You can ask your surgeon how your fracture is healing. If it is healing slowly, ask if there is anything you can do to help the healing process. Some things that may help include adjusting your diet or your vitamin levels, or addressing other medical issues you may have. Sometimes there is a need for another surgery to place a bone graft at the fracture site. This is common in high energy injuries and fracture of your long bones. It is also seen in some medical conditions and smokers.

How long will I be in a cast or a boot?

Broken bones are often repaired by an orthopaedic surgeon and held in place with hardware such as screws and metal plates. In that case, a cast, splint, or brace maybe used to protect the wound, or to let the soft tissue “rest” for several weeks. Some fractures are only treated with a cast, which needs to stay on until the bone is healed enough so that the cast is no longer needed. The length of time you’re in a cast or a boot is injury- and patient-specific, and the best estimate will come from your doctor.

Should I take my cast or boot off myself?

These should not be removed by you unless instructed by your doctor. In general, a cast or splint should not to be removed by anyone other than your surgeon. It is important to not cut them off yourself, as you may hurt yourself or make your injury worse. Also, do not stick things down your cast or splint. Trying to scratch an itch may damage your skin and lead to an infection or other issues with your wound. If your splint or cast is bothering you, call your surgeon as soon as possible. Sometimes, boots or splints can be removed for physical therapy, motion activities, sleeping, or bathing. You should ask your surgeon if this is okay.

What do I do if my cast gets wet?

Even a wet cast can be effective in supporting an injury. Do not try to remove it on your own or with help. The best place to get a new cast is in your orthopaedic surgeon’s office. They will know best what is needed and why. Sometimes x-rays are needed to make sure nothing has changed. Do not use a blow dryer to try and dry it out yourself. This can cause burns to the skin. Always call your orthopaedic surgeon’s office with concerns about a cast, or wound. If this does not provide sufficient guidance, you can go to your local emergency room for evaluation. The emergency room may be able to contact your doctor or another surgeon who can assist you.

What should I do if my wound or incision starts draining?

The best place to get evaluated is in your surgeon’s office. If you can’t reach them, you can go to your primary care doctor’s office or a local emergency room for evaluation. The emergency room may be able to contact your doctor or another surgeon who can assist you.

What if my pain suddenly gets worse?

The best place to get evaluated is in your orthopaedic surgeon’s office. If this process does not provide sufficient guidance, you can go to your local emergency room for evaluation. The emergency room may be able to contact your doctor or another surgeon who can assist you.

Why is my leg/ankle so swollen?

Almost every surgical patient has two injuries. The first is from the event that caused the injury. The second is from the surgery to correct the first injury. Swelling is a natural part of the injury and healing process, and it develops much faster than it goes away. Swelling around the feet and ankles often takes months to go away, since gravity pulls fluid downhill to the legs. Sometimes it never completely goes away. Even a simple fracture is not just an injury to the bone; the soft tissue around the bone is also injured. The healing of fluid channels in your injured limb involves waiting for soft tissue repair and the return of pathways through which that fluid normally returns to the heart. If you have swelling in both of your legs, it could be from other medical issues. If you have any concerns, contact your primary care doctor.

Why is my leg/ankle tingling after surgery?

Odd sensations after an injury or surgery are common, due to inflammation or swelling at the injury or surgery site. Some surgical incisions or even the injury itself can cut or stun the nerves to the skin. This can cause some numbness around the incision, and these changes can sometimes be permanent. If you feel like you had normal sensation after surgery, but things are changing for the worse, you should contact your surgeon as soon as possible. It could mean that there is too much swelling or that the bandage is too tight. If you cannot reach your surgeon, you may need to go to an emergency room to have this evaluated. It is best to ask your treating surgeon about what to expect long term.

What can I do to get to sleep at night?

It can be tough to sleep after an injury due to pain (especially at night when there are no other distractions) or because you cannot stop thinking about your injury. Some helpful tips to improve your sleep include:

  • Set a routine for getting into bed and waking up, and stick to it through the week.
  • If you cannot sleep, get up and out of bed after about 20 minutes and do not go back until you think you can fall asleep. Do not nap during the day.
  • Ice or heat can reduce your pain. Ice helps in the immediate time after surgery.
  • Limit stimulants, like caffeine and alcohol.
  • At bedtime, avoid stimulating light sources like TV, computer screens, or your phone.

Sleep medications are not always the answer. They make it hard to wake up and can have unwanted side effects. These should be discussed with your primary care physician. Some medical conditions like sleep apnea can affect your sleep as well. Narcotics are not the answer to sleep disturbance and can cause issues with sleep. You should discuss your sleep concerns with your surgeon as well as your primary care physician.

How long before I can run/work-out?

The ability to fully bear weight on one or both legs without pain influences your ability to resume physical activities. Splints or casts on your arms or legs may limit the ability to exercise or use equipment safely. While it is important to remain as active as possible when recovering, it is also important to obey any restrictions your doctor has talked to you about. This may mean doing different exercises than you are used to.

It is also important to realize that when you restart activities after your injury, your muscles, tendons, and ligaments are weaker. You will not be able to lift as much or do activities for as long as before. It is important to slowly work back up the strength and endurance that you had before your injury. Further, it may be wise to start with low impact activities first; for example by using an elliptical machine or a stationary bicycle to build up strength before running on a treadmill.

Will my walking ever be the same?

One of the hardest parts of the recovery process is not knowing what to expect. Your surgeon is the best person to ask, since they understand your injuries and treatments. Sometimes walking will not be the same; sometimes it takes up to a year to find out. It’s a good idea to write down questions for your next doctor’s visit.

How long before I can return to work?

This depends on the type of work you do and your specific injuries. Jobs in which you have to be on your feet, able to lift, or perform repetitive activities usually require complete bone healing and getting your full strength and range of motion back. You may be able to return to a desk type job or work from home sooner. Please talk to your treating surgeon about your specific job to determine your limitations, when you can return to work, and in what capacity.


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My Mother's Robotic Knee replacement surgery was done successfully at affordable packages duringI would like to... specially thanks to Dr. Vrajesh Shah and appreciate for his politeness to Senior Citizens & to Listen problems Carefully. Team of Doctors are providing true guidance and treatment in the right directionHospital Staff is well caring & creating Family environment. Doctors are genius in surgery.read more
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My name is Jagdish j Joshi I am 65 years old I am suffering from osteoarthritis science 15 years there for it is... difficult for me for walking siting then I was thinking to operate knee replacement then I visited Viroc hospital Dr.Vrajesh shah examine me and advice for knee replacement due to corona epidemic we afraid to operate then we again consult dr. Vrajesh shah and he told that our hospital full filled all corona guide line my operation was done and I climbed stairs and walk at the same day of operation I really thankful to dr.vrajesh shah who gave me new painless life and also thanks to surgeons team nursing staff and swipeer staff also they are ready to give service in any time I suggest that for knee replacement Viroc hospital is best in Vadodara and I wish in future Viroc hospital stood first in all over indiaread more
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Very Good Treatment, nice hospital all staff members also good
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Doctors with compelete staff is very supportive.
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Best hospital in vadodara. Doctors, staff and hospitality at its best. Taking so much precautions during this pandemic... time.We came here with lots of tension as father's age is 88. But talking with doctor Vrajesh, tension vanished like anything.We got so much attention and care in this hospital. Very happily, we took discharge today.Thank you all Viroc Team.read more
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Well and good hospital in Baroda for kee replacement and all orthopedic treatment
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Pranab Chatterjee
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This hospital is a very good place for orthopedic treatment specialy for knee replacement. This hosp is having very... excellent expert ortho surgeon. Service of all asst doctors,nurses and cleaning staff is excellent. They all are very well behaved and render very good service. Only one thing I must say the canteen service in view of quality should be improved.read more
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Het Gandhi
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Due to corona pendamic hospital gave us best treatment .My surgery was Knee replacement and on the same day of surgery... i can walk easily climb stairs without pain and the 3rd day of surgery i went home with broad smile on my face hospital staff also carrying nature and doctors team also care for patient personally. i suggest other patients that if you have any orthopedic problem please visit first in Viroc hospital.read more
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Maulik Tailor
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My Mother's Robotic Knee replacement surgery was done successfully at affordable packages during Corona period with... precautions which is really challenging one.I would like to specially thanks to Dr. Vrajesh Shah and appreciate for his politeness to Senior Citizens & to Listen problems Carefully. Team of Doctors are providing true guidance and treatment in the right directionHospital Staff is well caring & creating Family environment. Doctors are genius in surgery.read more
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Hitesh Patel
08:56 13 Jul 18
One of the best orthopedic hospital for mainly all kind of joint replacement surgery. Weather it is for knee joint or... heap joint or any fractures, all operations are offered by experts and at affordable packages. The doctors are genius. I am quite impressed by Dr.Vrajesh Shah.read more
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