Here in India, ‘Palthi Position’ (crossed leg Sitting) is now somewhat important for many people. Indian cultured people generally sit with crossed leg for many activities like; while doing god’s worship, having lunch or dinner. So they want full knee bending after surgery too. Here in this blog we will discuss some facts and also discuss the pro n cons of full knee bending after knee replacement surgery.

There are so many rumours in the market regarding knee bending after knee replacement. But let me make it very clear that healthy knee bending after replacement surgery is up to 120 degrees. 0-120 degree of knee flexion is good and enough for all activities of daily living. This much of flexion at knee joint allows patient to walk, climb and descend stairs, sit to stand from low level stool very easily. Yes! We all know that this much of knee bending is sufficient for crossed leg sitting. But to be very honest, crossed leg sitting is not healthy after knee replacement.

Crossed leg sitting gives lots of load on the cartilage and meniscus (a structure which provides a cushion and don’t allow bones to rub with each other). Our natural cartilage gets so much wear and tear loads during crossed leg sitting (in this position there is full bending at the knee joint). So can you imagine! If our natural structure gets faster damage in such position then what to say about artificial structures! So knee bending in healthy range is always a wise idea but crossed leg sitting is actually not the one. 

Good quality rehabilitation after replacement surgery is mandatory. So many surgeons are promoting no exercise after replacement surgery techniques. These are nothing but the shear strategies for the business and marketing. To regain and maintain knee bending in healthy range and to get early back to normal activities physical therapy and rehabilitation is must.  

Apart from this there are many implants have manufactured to suit the demand of crossed leg sitting which allow full knee bending after knee replacement but again these implants required more bone cut. And more bone cut gives you more chances of fracture after replacement even if you fall trivially.

Knee replacement would be prove as a boon to you provided you choose the best skilled surgeon and best physical therapist.