If you are planning for the knee replacement surgery then this blog would let you know about your after operation care which would give you faster recovery. Knee replacement is a surgery which has to be planned, it’s not required on urgent basis until there is no critical situations like stress fracture, infection etc. Hospital stay after surgery and the rehabilitation part are the most important aspects of your faster recovery. 

Day 1

It would be quite surprising for you that you will walk on your own feet on the same day with assistive device. A physiotherapist will come to you with different exercises by keeping your vitals in his/her mind. All other medical care would be provided by the hospital staff. 

Day 2

You will be now allowed to walk to the bathroom to say bye to the bedpan. Physiotherapist will let you know the technique of sitting on and off the commode. Now the therapist will have more focus on your knee bending.

Day 3

Now it’s the time to climb the stairs. Physical therapist will allow you to climb the stairs with the support of the hand rails. Now you are ready to go home.

After discharge from hospital

Thorough exercises and minor lifestyle modifications would be the soul part of your rehabilitation. Within a week you would be able to walk without any assistive devices. The physical therapist will start with rapid recovery protocol which is solely focused on muscle strength and knee bending with the visual feedback. The visual feedback will let you know about your progression and future success.

Along with physiotherapy, proper medications to subside your pain and swelling part are also important. Take all the prescribed medicines on time to avoid any delay in recovery. 

With all the exercises you should continue your walking within your tolerance level. If more pain occurs, trust me, ice pack would help you a lot.  

Don’t let your dressing get wet to avoid any chances of infections or scar irritations. Get your stitches removed after 10-15 days after surgery. After removal of stitches the physiotherapist would get more aggressive towards your exercises. 

Go to your doctor if there is any of the following happens;

You would also feel like;

But to be very honest! These all feelings are so common and will get disappear probably in a month or two. 

The whole rapid recovery concept after knee replacement is important not only from doctors and the team involvement perspective, but the patient involvement is also an essential aspect of the faster recovery. That’s why, knee replacement is not only a planned surgery but it is a team work rather.