Why I need Exercise after Natural Knee Replacement (NKR)?

Natural Knee replacement is in trend. When your legs are bowed, you are not able to walk, there is pain while sleeping, and these all are the factors suggesting you might go for knee replacement surgery. Surgery would be must your choice not surgeon’s choice. 

The biggest fear amongst some patients undergone replacement surgery is post-operative physiotherapy. To be very honest! It’s a very huge misconception because physio rehabilitation after surgery is the key part for successful surgery. 

Importance of exercise after surgery; (short term)

Your physical therapist and doctor will start ankle pumping and thigh muscle exercises after surgery, probably on the same day of surgery. This will improve blood circulation and will reduce the risk of clotting in blood supplying channels. 

Exercises will also help you to reduce swelling because exercise allows fluid to move and get collected in lymph nodes (fluid collecting nodes in body). This reduces swelling. And improved blood flow will make you feel less pain. An icing every 1 and half hour would give you amazing response in fighting against pain and swelling along with exercises. 

Exercise is the only way to improve muscle strength after surgery. This will give you the strength to stand and walk on your replaced knee. Good muscle strength is required for fast recovery and for early return to activity. 

You would develop stiff knee after surgery. Knee bending after surgery would be the most painful activity after replacement. So slow and gradual knee bending exercises as advised by the physical therapist would be best thing you would do for better outcomes.

Physiotherapist will not only make you feel pain free but also will lead to early return to your activities. The total rehabilitation also involves confidence build up and motivation. Some lifestyle modifications would be also required to protect your artificial joint and to improve its life. 

No exercise after replacing knee joint will lead to instability in joint. This could be the reason for early wear and tear of artificial joint. An initial exercise program is a boon for long lasting artificial knee.