Knee is the most vulnerable joint to start paining. There are so many reasons why your knee is hurting you! It’s better to ask your orthopaedic doctor about it. Here we would like to inform you about the activities which are good or bad if your knee is not well. 

Don’t rest your knee too much

This is dangerous. This can lead to muscle weakness. Weak muscle would make you feel more uncomfortable, ultimately brings you more and more pain. Find the exercises which are best suitable for you and stick to it.

Do icing regularly 

Icing would be the best remedy you can have without any extra cost. It would make you feel less pain. Icing will also reduce some sort of swelling. These effects will allow you to be more comfortable with exercises.

Don’t start risky exercises/positions

Risky exercises like squatting and lunges should be avoided in initial phase. Sitting with crossed leg would be another aggravating factor for knee pain. Try and make your knee positioned in pain free position.  

Do use supportive brace/aids

Never feel shy to wear brace or to walk with supportive aid. They are good to relieve stress on your joint. They provide good amount of stability. 

Don’t wear unworthy footwear 

Well cushioned insole is required to cut off stress over knee. It also helps in osteoarthritis of knee. 

Do take care during stair up-down

Many people avoid stair climbing after injury. But you can certainly do that with some precautions. Climb stairs with your sound leg (normal leg) and take your injured leg first during coming down stair. A baby step climbing is advised while having knee injury/pain. 

Don’t overload your knee

Some high intensity exercises like full squats, lunges, running, jumping kickboxing etc. will put lot of pressure on your knee. Kindly avoid these exercises otherwise you will invite more pain. 

Do avoid falls

A fall can further damage your knee. Injured knee is unstable and this instability might lead you to the risk of fall. Make sure your home has good quality hand bars, hand rails which would give you good support during activities.