A number of knee replacement surgeries have been increased in last few decades. The main cause of hike is the lifestyle and food habits. But also it is a fact that not everyone with severe knee arthritis chooses knee replacement as a treatment. Due to major two factors; one is the fear and other is the costing of knee replacement. 

Here we will try to come over the factors on their optimistic side. 

Firstly, fear of the surgery is the biggest problem that some patients step back and choose to live with pain and life confined within the house. Major reason of fear is lack of information about the knee replacement and its techniques. 

There are many techniques used for knee replacement surgery. Widely used technique of knee replacement by surgeons all over the globe is PS technique. People fear of the bone damage which is causative factor of post-operative fracture near implant if patient falls on knee. Furthermore ligaments and muscle of knee are being cut in this method of knee replacement which again elevates fear of weak muscles and unstable joint after the surgery. Another fear is late recovery and painful post-operative rehab. All these reasons are responsible for unwillingness towards knee replacement.

But some surgeons use CR technique of knee replacement. Dr. vrajesh Shah and Dr. Rajiv Paradkar at Viroc Hospital use this technique which saves important knee ligament (PCL). Not only the ligament but they have also invented a technique which saves bone and muscle also. This unique technique is called “NKR-Natural Knee Replacement”. A journey of many overseas orthopaedic institutes and self-learning with dedication of serving the quality treatment to the patients made both the doctors motivated and they invented internationally approved “NKR” technique for knee replacement. Not only three important structures of knee (Bone, Muscle and Ligament) are saved but they also preserve the patella bone back surface which is generally cut and replaced by plastic cap in PS method. 

Due to NKR-Natural Knee Replacement technique there will be less blood loss. Apart from this rapid recovery and less painful rehab are the key benefits of NKR-Natural Knee Replacement.

Flipping to the other factor, costing of NKR-natural knee replacement depends on the implant type patient choose. Obviously unique technique requires different implant. But surprisingly the implant cost is same as the PS implants. Implants for NKR ranges from 58,475 to 1 lakh. However the overall packages for NKR also depends on the room category patient selects. Low price room facilities would cost around 1.80 lakhs including 3-4 days stay, food, surgical charges and all other facilities in-house. 

All in all the best technique with quality care and low package rates (compared to other centres) are distinguishing features of NKR. 

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