Knee replacement surgery is now a fashion. More and more incidences of knee pain are increasing. But does really everyone suffering from knee pain require an operation? Decision for operation isn’t easy as to decide what to wear in the party. Most probably your orthopedic surgeon would suggest you to go for the operation if you have severe pain and arthritis. Even your X-ray would also suggest that your knees are totally damaged and you should replace it. But it is not like your X-rays are going to be operated! Ultimately it’s your knee and you should decide what is right for you and what is not!

The surgeon’s opinion for the operation is necessary. But eventually it’s up to you that your pain and your lifestyle are coordinating with each other or not! If you are less active, have enjoyed everything and now want to rest, then replacement is not made for you. To be very honest, knee replacement is surgery for the active patients. If your need is to work more, in late age too, then go for it.

I can give you the best example to understand this very easily. We, at viroc hospital, have a patient who is 78 years old. He is having severe knee arthritis with bow legs. But he does not prefer to go for the knee surgery as his need is only to walk within the house and to do his daily work properly.  Despite of severe pain he does his routine activity with support of mild painkillers.

Now the other example is totally opposite from the first one. A female patient of age around 56 years was having severe knee pain. Though her age is less, she decided to go with the knee replacement surgery, as she has to travel overseas very often and her knee pain was a biggest hurdle. 

In both the cases knee pain was the only common factor, but their needs were totally different. So you can understand that knee surgery decision is up to patients’ requirements. Definitely you can enjoy your second innings after knee replacement. But it would work only with your efforts to make it successful. 

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