NKR is a unique technique of knee replacement. This has given very positive outcomes and has satisfied thousands of patients. Easy and fast walking, stairs climbing without support are achieved generally after knee replacement surgery. But NKR has some other benefits too. Let’s know what NKR is!

What is NKR?

Natural Knee Replacement is a technique which saves the natural elements of the knee. This technique preserves main three structures of the knee; Muscle, Ligament and Bone. 

What are the benefits of NKR?

Firstly, quadriceps muscle is preserved, which gives patient a good strength and post-operative physiotherapy will be less painful. Secondly, PCL (Posterior Cruciate Ligament) is also preserved, which provides kicking knee to the patient. This will allow the patient to walk at higher pace, no support during sit-to-stand and during stair climbing. Patient will be allowed to do moderate to somewhat high end activities. Saving ligament will benefit the patient with more joint stability. Thirdly, bone is not cut, bone is shaved instead. Thus, trivial fall after surgery will not cause any fracture in the bone. These advantages lack in traditional method of the knee replacement. 

All important natural elements are preserved; henceforth the technique is named as “NKR- Natural Knee Replacement” 

How much will it cost?

Approximate knee replacement cost in India is around 2.5 to 3 lakhs. But approx. cost of NKR at VIROC Hospital, Vadodara, Gujarat is around 1.5 to 2.5 lakhs including medicine. The cost may vary according to the room category and the implant used.