When your hands get to close to stove, what would be the reaction? Oops! You will suddenly take off your hand. This is nothing but the nerve reaction. As soon as your hand goes close to stove, the nerve endings are activated and they send a pain signal to the brain. And you pull back before you burn yourself.

But if you have nerve damage, that system won’t work properly. Damaged nerves will send false signals to the brain which causes real pain.

The above mentioned example is a small glance of the whole nervous system. There is much more to understand about it, it is beyond the scope of this blog. Here we will try to understand the nerve pain.  Whatever we do, the nervous system is involved in that, from breathing to controlling the muscles and to the senses of temperatures.


We have three types of nerves in our body;

  1. Autonomic nerves: These nerves control voluntary/partially voluntary activities. E.g., heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, digestion
  2. Motor nerves:  These nerves control movements and actions of your muscles.
  3. Sensory nerves: These nerves collect the information from our skin and muscles and send the signals to brain or spinal cord. Then it is processed over there to let us feel pain or other sensations.

What are the symptoms of nerve pain?

Symptoms due to nerve pain depend on the location and type of the nerve involved;

  1. Autonomic nerve involvement

    1. Dizziness or fainting upon standing up
    2. Difficulties in swallowing, diarrhea, constipation, loss of appetite
    3. Sweating abnormalities
    4. Vision abnormalities
    5. Sexual dysfunction
    6. Bladder dysfunction


2. Motor nerve involvement;

    1. Muscle weakness
    2. Muscle cramps & twitching
    3. Loss of muscle (muscle wasting through lack of use)
    4. Loss of control or co-ordination
    5. Muscle paralysis


3.Sensory nerve involvement;

    1. Tingling
    2. Numbness
    3. Prickling sensation (pins and needle sensation)
    4. Stabbing type of sensation
    5. Feeling of walking on a wool

There are chances of damage to two different types of nerves, or even damage to three types of nerves. e.g., you may feel weakness in your leg and burning sensation simultaneously.

Now you might have clear idea about the nerves and the possible symptoms of the nerve damage as particular. Because the nerves are essential to all we do, nerve pain and damage can affect our quality of life seriously.  To know how to tackle with such damages keep reading our blogs. Next blog would be regarding treatment of nerve pain.