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Robots are said to be the future generation. Almost every branch is accepting the Robots on the globe. And medical field is not an exception. You might be surprised to know the robotic technology is being used since 2000 in medical branch. Western countries’ doctors are focusing more with the Robotic technologies due to its accuracy and optimistic outcomes. Then why not India?

India is a country where almost 15-20 crore of osteoarthritic knees are reported. India is said to be a capital of knee osteoarthritis till 2025. This would be a major cause of disability. Hence the knee replacement numbers will fetch an incline in patients who failed conservative treatments. In such case individual may think of the best technology available locally. And India has also several centres utilising robots for knee replacement and getting best results. Vadodara smart city is also now accepting this incredible technology for the benefit of millions.

Robotic knee replacement is a surgery which gives the accuracy and precision with surgeon’s planning and expertise. But let us make it very clear, the robot is not going to operate the knee, the surgeon will do the surgery with the help of robotic arm.  This technique allows surgeon to plan whole knee replacement before putting a cut on patient. Therefore it will be time saving with more accuracy. 

Generally population undergoing knee replacement surgeries are above their 60s. But the young patients suffering from knee problems, who also failed with conservative regimen, are not addressed. Robotic knee replacement technology is advantageous for younger patients too. 

Partial Knee replacement is a profitable aspect of Robot-assisted knee replacement. Partial knee surgery is replacing only half part of knee which is damaged. In 90% Patients it is seen that only inner side of knees are damaged in young osteoarthritic knees. Henceforth partial knee replacement with robot’s assistance is the best suited treatment for young patients.

Only damaged on part is replaced (Partial Knee replacement robot assisted)

VIROC hospital, Vadodara, Gujarat is the centre working continuously with the motto of providing their patients with best of technologies and surgical skills since last 11 years. This new venture of internationally accepted, high tech robotic technology at our hospital will enrich and enhance our mission of “ A broad smile on every patient’s face” by providing extraordinary outcomes of this high end surgery.

Benefits of Robotic Assisted Knee Replacement

  1. No extra bone loss only damaged part is replaced
  2. Small incision
  3. No soft tissue damage
  4. No ligament injury
  5. Life lasting implant
  6. Less blood loss
  7. Less pain
  8. Only 30-35 minutes of surgical time
  9. Same day walking and stair climbing
  10. Early discharge from hospital
  11. Very less chances of embolism or DVT
  12. Faster recovery
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