Total knee replacement

Revolution in technique of total knee replacement (TKR): Natural Knee Replacement (NKR)

Initially Dr. Rajiv and Dr. Vrajesh were performing ‘cruciate retaining’ technique for knee replacement. Then they found why to cut the muscle when we can save it. They started ‘subvastus’ approach for knee replacement. Moreover after learning and research they added bone saving technique. Thousands of patients have been treated successfully with this bone, ligament and muscle saving technique named ‘Natural Knee Replacement’. 

Robotic Knee replacement

Most advanced, high-tech and sophisticated robot NAVIO 7.0 by smith & nephew is now at VIROC to serve more accuracy and precision in natural knee replacement technique with the command of experienced and skilled surgeons. More precision and accuracy will increase longevity of implant. 

We can say that ‘Power of robotics in Experienced surgeon’s hand’. Robot will allow the surgeon to plan whole surgery before putting a cut on knee. Power of robotic technology along with preservation of natural elements by Natural Knee Replacement will give a patient Powerful, Performing, Pain free, Personalized and Permanent knee.

3D Printing

This technology is mainly used in traumatic conditions. 3D printing machine will make a model of injured bone and its fragments through the CT-scan of the patient. That will help the surgeon to plan surgery before the operation on a model. Thus it can prevent intra-op errors.

Endoscopic spine Surgery

A minimally invasive spine surgery is the most advanced surgical option for the patients with spine problems. Minimal damage to the tissues will promote faster recovery to the patient with less amount of pain.