Brief of the event:

In the fast-paced and demanding environment of a hospital, celebrating achievements and fostering a sense of camaraderie among the staff is crucial. One such occasion worth commemorating is when a hospital achieves its highest number of successful surgeries. These milestones not only reflect the dedication and skill of the medical professional but also the collective effort of the entire hospital team. VIROC Hospital celebrated its highest number of surgeries in a get together organised on 7th of June 2023. Hear the story of surgical success in this Blog.

In the month of May 2023 VIROC achieved a milestone by doing 221 surgeries in a single month which included 20 spine surgeries (growing with huge ratio from past) and 120 Knee replacement surgery which is itself the highest number in Vadodara. A staff get-together was organised to celebrate this milestone.

All the staff along with their families, were invited for get together followed by dinner. Team of VIROC is like a family and everyone was addressed the same. Children enjoyed the games organised by volunteers and the innocent joy of winning competitions was a scene admired by everyone. There were games for staff and their spouses also. The laughter shared was more than any treasures.

Messages were given by our leaders; Directors and surgeons. Dr. Rajiv Paradkar, our most senior surgeon greeted the whole staff for this achievement. Our anaesthetist Dr. Anant Rane applauded the whole staff and every department for their team effort and consistent hardworking spirit. Summiting any peak is incomplete without a dream for a higher one and the vision for this was given by Dr. Vrajesh Shah. He gave a dream with ‘’we want to introduce first concept hospital in whole Gujarat which will have each and every specialised field for Orthopaedics healthcare service under a single roof with continuing our tradition of fusing advanced technology and techniques”. He opened new opportunities for every staff and already started by initialising special corporate training programmes. He concluded with ‘’our next achievement will be celebrated on a larger scale and we will reach there soon” Event was followed by a dinner, just like our Indian tradition, where everyone comes together and shares their hearts out like a family. 

Significance of this Get-Together was as follows:

  • Acknowledging team effort. Performing highest number of successful surgeries is a testament to the teamwork and collaboration within a hospital. Opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the collective efforts of the surgical team, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, support staff and administrators who work tirelessly to ensure optimal patient care. Recognizing the contributions of each team member not only boosts morale but also reinforces a culture of appreciation and mutual respect.
  • Fostering a Positive Work Environment:

A celebration of this nature helps cultivate a positive work environment within the hospital. It gives staff members a chance to relax, socialize, and connect on a personal level outside of their usual work responsibilities. By fostering these relationships, hospital staff can build trust, improve communication, and enhance teamwork. This supportive atmosphere ultimately translates into improved patient care and overall job satisfaction among employees.

  • Strengthening Patient Trust and Loyalty:

A hospital’s reputation is built on trust and the perception of quality care it provides. Celebrating a milestone of successful surgeries sends a powerful message to patients, demonstrating the hospital’s commitment to excellence. Such celebrations humanize the healthcare experience, showcasing the passion and dedication of the hospital staff. By strengthening patient trust and loyalty, the hospital can attract more patients, build lasting relationships, and establish itself as a centre of excellence in surgical care.



A hospital staff get-together to celebrate achieving the highest number of successful surgeries is more than just a party; it is an opportunity to recognize and appreciate the collective efforts of the entire hospital team. By fostering a positive work environment, honouring professional excellence, promoting knowledge sharing, and strengthening patient trust, these celebrations contribute to the overall success and reputation of the hospital. So, let’s raise a toast to the accomplishments of VIROC, applaud its dedication, and continue striving for excellence in patient care.