Now a days young people are complaining of knee pain and problems related to it. All knee pains must be consider as priority as it can lead our society to major health issues in near future. But how? Let’s talk about the problems aroused and their possible reasons and solutions.

First reason is “Fast Food Culture”

This term concise all the sedentary lifestyle factors like; eating junk food, playing video games, excessive use of mobile phones, practically zero outdoor activities, less exercise etc.

Dr. Vrajesh Shah suggests to move your each and very joint of the body in full range of movement for at least 25-30 times in a day. This will improve the mobility and gives proper nutrition to the joints and muscles.

Second reason is lack of “Joint Breaks”

Now, what is a Joint break?

In this fast and running life everyone wants to work hard to fulfill their ambitions and their basic needs. Workaholic culture is making people to stay in one position for longer period of time like; long time sitting, long time standing etc. People spend more time on computers and machines. Thus, increases the risk of joint and muscle problems.

Excellent solution to prevent these problems is called a “Joint Break”. No change in posture for longer periods in a day leads to stiffness in joints. What Dr. Vrajesh Shah suggests is to set an alarm for every 45-50 minutes. Take one minute and start doing all basic joint exercises as follows;

  1. Ankle-toe movements
  2. Knee movements
  3. Get up from the chair and bend back forward and backward
  4. Finger and hand movements
  5. Bend and extend elbow
  6. Stretch your shoulder overhead
  7. Neck movements
  8. Walking few steps

These exercises will hardly take the time that you spent in reading them. And this will definitely help in living healthy life and also will increase the work efficiency.

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What if is this not done?

Ultimate result of avoiding exercises and other activities is painful, stiff, aching joints which will finally lead to arthritis.

Now because of knee replacement is in fashion, all knee pain in young age is justified as knee arthritis! But this is not the case every time. All knee pain doesn’t require knee replacement in young age. So what are the possible causes of knee pain in young age? This includes some chemical arthritis like; rheumatoid arthritis, gout, ankylosing spondylitis, some sickle cell diseases (particularly in Hip joint) etc. Other than chemical problems, there might be presence of congenital disorders like; bow legs, knock knees, any cartilage issue such as chondromalacia patella, knee cap mal tracking etc.

All these conditions are treatable and they don’t require knee replacement every time. The treatment in form of drugs and some little alignment correcting surgeries are best suited for many patients rather than knee replacement surgery. These surgeries will prevent the chances of knee replacement in future.

But in some cases these conditions become very severe. If the problem of pain is making your life to suffer a lot, and the issue of hip or knee problem not letting your life joyful, then you might opt for knee replacement operation. Replacement surgery will surely provide quality life.

As far as possible replacement surgery is avoided in young age. But in rare cases one cannot turn a deaf ear toward the severe physical problems. No need to panic! An extraordinary technique of replacement called NKR (Natural Knee Replacement) is now available at VIROC Hospital. This will save the natural elements of knee joint and will provide the kicking, strengthened and stable knee joint after the surgery. With this NKR technique of knee replacement we plan the life of patient.