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Endoscopic Spine Surgery

The ultimate procedure in the realm of “minimally invasive” surgical procedures is endoscopic spine surgery.

What is Back School/Spine?


Almost all individuals above the age of 30 years are suffering from back pain or neck pain.

Currently, 50-60% patients have back pain due to wrong posture, occupation & lack of exercise.

90% of back pain patients get relieved with postural advice and exercises explained in back school program. 1% only require surgery and is considered safe with faster recovery with minimally invasive technique called Endoscopic Spine Surgery.

Back school is a humble social initiative by VIROC for the patient’s education which plays a major role to prevent and control back and neck pain, for “prevention is better than cure”

Did you know that costs related to the treatment of back pain are estimated to be more than $100 billion per year in America. From which one third accounts for the direct cost of care. 

This leads to decreased productivity, loss of wages and absenteeism. The Indian data not only corresponds to the above given statistics but surpasses the figures given the population of our country and poor working schedules. 

As a mission to prevent and control back pain we have decided to educate our people and society so that they can take responsibility in the prevention and control of their own problems. A step towards making the Indian society healthy.

Benefits of Back School/Spine

  • You will get in depth personal evaluation and assessment by professional physiotherapists
  • Total counselling of your back pain
  • All lifestyle advice for relieving back pain (dos and don’ts) and regular follow-ups and re-evaluations to improve your condition
  • You will learn the prevention of back pain by means of specific exercises and other interventions
  • Avoid/delay in surgery

Why should you choose VIROC Hospital?

VIROC hospital, Vadodara, Gujarat is the centre working continuously with the motto of providing their patients with best of technologies and surgical skills since the last 11 years. With the introduction of the Robotic Natural Knee Replacement surgery we are giving society the world’s most progressive knee replacement technology.

We are the only centre in Vadodara offering the most advanced and sophisticated surgical technique for knee replacement which preserves bone, ligament & muscle known as Natural Knee Replacement. This technique is developed after meticulous research and upgradation of knowledge by our expert surgeons. This technique is internationally approved and has resulted in extraordinary outcomes with great levels of patient satisfaction.

What is spine clinic?

Spine clinic is a team of medical professionals dedicated for diagnosis, treatment of acute, chronic back pain and treatment of spine fractures. 


How do you diagnose the root cause of back pain?

Your back pain can be due to a neurological, systemic, structural or mechanical dysfunction. We are amongst the first to use a diagnostic approach that covers all these aspects. Furthermore experienced and skilled surgeons are continuously upgrading knowledge to find the root cause of every individual comes with back pain.

What types of treatment do you do?

We have back care trio at VIROC hospital for back and spine problems. That includes:   

 1. Back school

 2. Pain clinic 

 3. Spine clinic

Who are the doctors in your team?

We have a multi-disciplinary team that comprises of doctors with a specialisation in physical therapy for the spine and an advisory panel of spine surgeons and orthopaedics.

I have been advised surgery, what should I do?

Take a second opinion.

As per medical guidelines, surgery is only to be prescribed when a patient has symptoms that affect bowel or bladder control. Less than 5% of patients should ever need surgery for back & spine conditions.

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