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Revision Joint Replacement Surgery

Revision surgery means re-surgery. In case of failed or worn-out implant after primary joint replacement, revision surgery comes in picture.
We are first to introduce revision joint replacement surgeries in Vadodara.

What is Revision Joint Replacement Surgery?


A revision joint replacement means that surgery must be done to replace a worn-out joint replacement. Revision joint replacement surgery is something which puts the surgeon at task as it requires the highest level of skill and expertise. Since the last 20-25 years, total knee replacement surgery has come into picture in Indian health care system, though initial cases of failure started since the last 5 years. Locals had to seek aid from centers of tier 1 cities for revision hip and knee replacement surgery. 

With a rich experience of 15-20 years in the field of knee and hip replacement surgery enables our surgeons to upgrade their skills constantly, serving our patients with the best.

Why should you choose VIROC Hospital?

Viroc Hospital is one of the first to introduce the revision surgery in the city making it a smooth transition from the traditional surgery to the revision replacement surgery.

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What is revision surgery?

Revision surgery is also called as Re-surgery.  Due to some reason if the primary replacement surgery fails and also all the measures to correct problem of primary replacement fails then re-surgery is required. Reasons of primary joint replacement failure can be severe post-op infection, implant loosening, fracture around implant. 

Why revision surgery is required?

Reasons like post-op infection implant loosening, instability and patient specific factors like age, weight, activity level, surgical history contribute to the implant failure. Some of them can be treated if considered early; like infection. 

When do you need revision knee surgery and what are the signs?

A failed knee implant is usually indicated by an increase in pain or a decrease in knee function. Persistent pain and swelling can indicate loosening, wear, or infection, and the location of the pain can be all over the knee (generalized) or in one particular area (localized).

What will surgeon do in surgery?

The surgeon will remove the old implant and will fit new one. Bone grafting might be done if required. In some cases, metal wedges, wires or screws may be used to strengthen the bone. Finally, specialized revision knee implants are inserted. Temporary drains are usually placed to collect any fluids or blood that may remain after surgery.

What about after surgery?

Post-operative care after knee revision surgery is very similar to the care of a primary knee replacement. This includes a combination of physical therapy, blood management, and pain medication as necessary. Antibiotics and some method of blood clot prevention will be continued in the postoperative period. A brace or splint may be used to protect the joint after the surgery.

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