Social Contribution

Mega fair for health awareness

This fair was enjoyed by more than 25000 citizens of Vadodara. There were three major events, which were not happened in history of Vadodara before.

  1. 1st Time in India Knee/Hip Replaced patients successfully participated in Sports event. Patients were so confident after joint replacement surgery that they performed below mentioned activities like normal persons. Showed their positive attitude for life in old age.
    1. Surynamaskar/Yoga
    2. Fast Walking
    3. Cycling
    4. Social Dance 
  2. 1st Time in India Mega Health Awareness Fair for society. This was our genuine effort to aware people about prevailing diseases and their preventions by changing lifestyle and food habits. All diseases and their preventions were presented on TV screen and printed material was also distributed. The following diseases were described to the public;
    1. Arthritis
    2. Osteoporosis
    3. Back pain
    4. Hypertension
    5. Diabetes
    6. Obesity
    7. Gout
    8. Vitamin Deficiencies 
  3. Nationalist Play “Chanakya” by Manoj Joshi
    1. More than 20000 citizen enjoyed play with patriotism 
    2. Versatile actor Shri Manoj Joshi also appreciated and claimed that first time he did play in open ground with this large scale arrangement and audience.


Ganeshotsav Spardha

  1. To bring National Spirit in Ganesh Yuvak Mandal (Youth Organizations)
  2. Reassure the Original concept to gather society for national and social cause
  3. Spread message of Cleanliness & Eco-friendly celebrations
  4. More than 150 Ganesh Yuvak Mandal (Youth Organizations) participated
  5. Total 25 prizes for various category distributed in presence of well-known social activist.
  6. Campaign for cleanliness with eco-friendly system to dispose flowers and other religious things and convert into organic fertilizer.

SEMINAR- “Healthy Joints Healthy life, Healthy Nation”

How we can prevent our natural joints with knowledge of anatomy, by changing our day to day living pattern, by regular exercise. We believe that if we could change our life style, 70% people will not require orthopedic consultation.

  • More than 200 seminars 
  • In a landmark seminar at Swaminarayan Kundal Dham, more than 10000 satsangi (people) participated.

SEMINAR – “Doctor should not sale Joint Replacement surgery”

This seminar prevents patients from taking hasty decision to undergo knee replacement. Seminar guides society and community about all the modalities available before opting for the last resort i.e. “Total Knee Replacement.” As to take decision of surgery is always difficult for patient and relatives, our seminar gives clear picture & helps patient to take fair decision. We believe that Knee Replacement is surgery for new hope in life and it is not compulsion of life.

Free Orthopedic Check-up Camps

Free camp for needy & poor people in city & for people who can’t reach to the city, belongs to interior rural & tribal belt. 

  1. More than 500 free camps successfully arranged by VIROC Hospital in Vadodara and peripheral area of Vadodara, participating with various social organization.
  2. More than 50000 patients have been benefited by Camps.

Osteoporosis Eradication program

We can say that osteoporosis is “Bony termite”. It is a bone disease, which makes life miserable for elderly population. More than 200 Osteoporosis detection & prevention camp with 30% discount in medicine, were conducted and is now a routine.

“VDBF-2ND Inning Dusara Bachpan” -

The one & only club for Joint Replaced Patients of VIROC Hospital 

Launch of VDBF- Viroc Dusara Bachpan Foundation-The Club of Knee and Hip Replaced patients of VIROC Hospital. The club is working to spread “hope of life” in old age people. Club’s social activities are to support “Swachha Bharat Mission, Education to needy and poor by Sanskar Kendra. Club arranges event of Get to gather and Picnic of its member every year. 

Message spread by this Knee/Hip replaced senior citizens that “we are now pain free having a pace, power & performance in our knee replaced joints & now we are back for fulfilling our social commitments.