Robotic NKR - Introducing to you the world’s most progressive robotic technology that helps the surgeon recraft your original young knee | +916356300400

Robotic NKR - Introducing to you the world’s most progressive robotic technology that helps the surgeon recraft your original young knee | +916356300400


Total Hip Replacement

Hip disease and arthritis are very common in young age group citizens, so our theme of treatment is
“We don’t plan hip replacement, we plan life of patient”

What is Total Hip Replacement Surgery?

In an endeavour of providing pain free movement to all our hip patients, we have added a 4th dimension to hip replacement surgery. Unlike knee replacement, during hip replacement surgery we need to work in depth, of the ball & socket joint.

Correct placement of artificial sockets requires 360 degree vision, which is usually difficult to achieve while operating from one side.

Benefits of Hip Replacement at VIROC Hospital

Why should you choose VIROC Hospital?

We have a team of highly qualified joint replacement surgeons who during the surgery stand on either side of the patient in order to obtain the 360 degree visualization of the socket. The 4th dimension is a highly qualified team of 2 surgeons who work for the 100% outcome of surgery.

“We don’t plan hip replacement, we plan life of patient”


Although patients are sore after surgery, most hip replacement patients report being completely pain-free after 3-4 weeks. Additionally, 95% of hip replacement patients reported having less pain one year after their surgery than before it, according to Total Knee Replacements.

It is suggested when the cartilage (a sponge like structure between two bones of joint) between the
ball and socket of hip joint wears out, resulting in impairment to the patient. Also it becomes
necessary when all nonsurgical treatments are failed to relieve hip pain. Other common reasons of
Hip replacement are arthritis, severe trauma to bones.

It is recommended that patients take 2-6 weeks off of work depending on their occupation. Patients who have a desk job can typically go back to work sooner than patients who have manual labor jobs or have to be on their feet often.

Patients should be able to move around the house after 4-6 weeks without experiencing pain or using walking aids. After that point, the amount of time that is necessary for a full recovery varies between patients. Some patients recover extremely quickly—within a month or two—while others require a full six months before returning to their pre-surgery levels of activity.

Initially, you will need the help of a close friend or loved one for everyday tasks such as getting dressed and showering. The length of time you will need assistance depends on the patient, but it is typically anywhere from several days to a few weeks.

Yes. Physical therapy is an essential part of your total hip replacement recovery process. Physical therapy begins the following day of your surgery and will take place over the course of several weeks. At first, you will do some simple exercises like contracting and relaxing your muscles in order to strengthen your hip. You will also learn new techniques for movements such as sitting, standing, and bending, in order to prevent any possible damage to your hip replacement. Typically patients are in physical therapy for 6-8 weeks.

Our Hip Replacement Doctors

Dr. Darshan Suthar

Arthroscopic and Trauma Surgeon

Dr. Vrajesh Shah

Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon

Dr. Rajiv Paradkar


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