Robotic NKR - Introducing to you the world’s most progressive robotic technology that helps the surgeon recraft your original young knee | +916356300400

Robotic NKR - Introducing to you the world’s most progressive robotic technology that helps the surgeon recraft your original young knee | +916356300400


Robotic NKR

The world's most progressive and advanced technology for Knee Replacement. Power of robotic technology along with preservation of natural elements by Natural Knee Replacement will give a patient Powerful, Performing, Pain free, Personalized and Permanent knee.

What is Robotic NKR?

The human body is a unique entity and so is the human knee. The traditional knee replacement surgery reconstructs every person’s knee in a similar, ‘Pillar’ like structure or the perpendicular shape. However, statistically only 0.1% people naturally have a perpendicular shaped knee.

The Robotic Natural Knee Replacement Surgery (NKR) allows the surgeon to recraft an exact replica of your unique original young knee. The human hand faces a limitation of achieving a precision of up to 0.5mm & 0.5 degrees which this robotic technology eliminates. The Robotic NKR technology adds a distinctive touch which extends a pain-free, everlasting result.

Generally the population undergoing knee replacement surgeries are above their 60s. But the young patients suffering from knee problems, who also failed with conservative regimen, are not addressed. Robotic knee replacement technology is advantageous for younger patients too.

The traditional surgery requires the surgeon to cut the bone, whereas this unique robotic surgery enables us to preserve bone, ligament and muscle. Thus, this technology preserves the naturality of the knee, retaining strength and power of the muscles, ensuring stability and natural alignment. With each replacement customised to your individual structure this technology gives long lasting treatment results.

Benefits of Robotic Assisted Knee Replacement

Why should you choose VIROC Hospital?

VIROC hospital, Vadodara, Gujarat is the centre working continuously with the motto of providing their patients with best of technologies and surgical skills since the last 11 years. With the introduction of the Robotic Natural Knee Replacement surgery we are giving society the world’s most progressive knee replacement technology.

We are the only centre in Vadodara offering the most advanced and sophisticated surgical technique for knee replacement which preserves bone, ligament & muscle known as Natural Knee Replacement. This technique is developed after meticulous research and upgradation of knowledge by our expert surgeons. This technique is internationally approved and has resulted in extraordinary outcomes with great levels of patient satisfaction.


  1. Precision and Accuracy (No extra bone loss, only damaged part is replaced)
  2. Small incision
  3. No soft tissue damage
  4. No ligamentous loss
  5. Life lasting implant
  6. Less blood loss
  7. Less pain
  8. 30-35 minutes of surgical time
  9. Same day walking and stair climbing
  10. Same day discharge from hospital
  11. Very less chances of embolism or DVT
  12. Faster recovery

Robotic knee replacement is personalised knee replacement. Pre planning of the surgery, by experienced and skilled surgeon, allows performing surgery accurately. Surgeon will be able to plan the surgery according to unique anatomy of the patient. The surgeon uses this 3D model virtual to pre-plan your surgical procedure. The surgeon will know precisely where to prepare the bone for the implant, and the Robotic knee system guides the surgeon to stay within the pre-defined area. This helps to provide optimal placement and alignment of your implant.

Worrying about surgical time is okay but worrying about its longevity is more important than the time of surgery.

Robotic knee replacement will give you 5 strength of P; Pain free, Powerful, Performing, Personalised and Permanent knee. 

Implants are made up of Metal Alloys and high grade plastics. Thus it will activate certain security systems. We will provide you an implant card as a proof. 

A patient can have dinner with the family on the very next day of the surgery. Furthermore Rapid recovery protocol by trained physiotherapists from VIROC hospital will allow patient to return back to work within 15-20 days of the surgery.

Low impact activities are advised after Robotic knee replacement. Walking, swimming, golfing, driving, light hiking, biking, dancing are also allowed. 

Yes. We use the NAVIO Surgical System™ brand Robotic Surgery Technology by Smith & Nephew, which is FDA approved. 

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