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Prior appointments are mandatory. It’s easy! Call on +91-6356300400 or click the book appointment button on our website www.viroc.in and choose the speciality and your doctor.
Just call on +91-6356300400 for cancellation of the appointment.

You have to pay after the consultation with doctor. You can pay either cash/UPI/debit card at the reception. No prior payments are required. In case of surgery you will be informed the payment method by concerned staff at the hospital.

For your first visit, you should carry the following things:
1. A list of describing your symptoms in details (When, What, How Long).
2. Any recent (<1 year) medical investigations such as blood tests, X Rays, etc.
3. If you have any existing medical conditions, carry along your prescription and list of current medications you are taking.
4. Your insurance details or company ID in case the hospital is on your health panel.

All the consultants may not be available, but Medical assistants will be available 24/7. But in an emergency the consultants will be on call.

Admission will be decided by the surgeon and you will be guided as to the procedure by the duty hospital staff.

Yes. For list of empanelled companies and corporates go to our empanelment page.

Yes. The hospital has 24/7 Ambulance service.
The date of the discharge will be decided by your doctor. The discharge time is 3 to 4 PM. Discharge will be effected after complete bill payment.


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